Oragono is a modern IRC server written in Go. Its core design principles are:

Other interesting features of Oragono include:

To find out more about the project:

~=~ Installing and Using ~=~

To install Oragono, download the latest release here:

Extract it into your favourite folder, along with the example config file.

Copy the example config file to  ircd.yaml  with a command like:

    $ cp oragono.yaml ircd.yaml

Modify the config file as you like.

To generate passwords for opers and connect passwords, you can use this command:

    $ oragono genpasswd

Run these commands in order -- these will setup each section of the server:

    $ oragono initdb
    $ oragono mkcerts
    $ oragono run

And you should be running Oragono!

~=~ Updating ~=~

If you're updating from a previous version of Oragono, checkout the CHANGELOG for a shortlist
of important changes you'll want to take a look at. The change log details config changes,
fixes, new features and anything else you'll want to be aware of!

These commands will backup and update your database, if that's been updated:

    $ cp ircd.db ircd.db.bak
    $ oragono upgradedb

After this, you should be fine to launch and use Oragono!