~=~ v0.8.1, Packages And Direction ~=~

Hey everyone, this is the first post on the new News section of our site! I’m planning to make a post each time we release a new version of Oragono, so people can keep an eye on server updates just by following the RSS feed here: feed.xml

Let’s talk about the new release. You can find it [here]. v0.8.1 adds:

As well, thanks to Sean Enck (@enckse) we have a new Arch Linux AUR package here. This should help users on Arch more easily install Oragono for the first time!

We’re also now a Github organisation, which holds Oragono as well as some of the dependencies we’ve taken, modified and used.

In terms of future direction, there’s a bunch of features I have planned. Let me quickly talk about each of them:

So that’s how things are at the moment, and where I plan taking things forwards. Have any other ideas or want to send me feedback? Feel free to pop into our IRC channel (#oragono on Freenode) or send me an email.

Thanks again to everyone submitting bugs, fixes, and just giving their feedback! It’s exciting to have this be used and useful out there, and I hope we can keep making it better as we go.

Oragono is now Ergo

As of v2.7.0, we've changed names to Ergo! We've also changed sites. While this site is left here for historical reference, please see this new site for news about our IRC server:



If you want to view the old site, click anywhere else!